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gene » Hi athens! It's been awhile. How are you? Are you still in Davao? Anyway, yes... let's all write again. I miss writing.
Gene » Athens, Hello! It's been awhile. How are you? I miss writing too. I havent blogged much lately. How about you?
Gene » Athens, hello! It's been awhile. I miss writing too. Do you still blog?
Athens » Let's all write again! By the way I love your playlist Gene.
Athens » LS1RS
ghe » Apir mula sa isang payaman!
Gene » Glad to know you are still around in the blogging block, nicole. It seems most of the ex-blogcity bloggers I know don't blog much anymore. hehe
Gene » hi nicole! Musta na?
nicole » hi gene!! i found you!!!
vonfire » nanghaharana! =)
fam » napadaan at nakibasa
Gene » Ah i see. I would recommend exploreiloilo.com for anything about iloilo. As much as I want to write about days Ive spent in Iloilo, I am just too lazy to do so. Thanks.
half-blood ilonggo » i was surfing for sites and blogs about beautiful places, food, and life in iloilo and i came across your site and i find your online diary interesting...
Gene » hi, half-blood ilonggo. Do drop by again.
Gene » hello, marsymallows. Hope you have fun hunting for the movies Ive listed. It's nice to watch movies you used to watch and love when you were a kid.
half-blood ilonggo » hi
marsymallows » wow. i'm gonna look for the movies you listed on your 2nd to the last entry...
AstroJunk »
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Gene » HI, Fam! Thanks for dropping by. Dumaan po kayo ulit.
fam » nakiraan at nakibasa
Gene » Hi, Tia! Thanks for dropping by.
Tia » i'm just blog hopping, reading your posts, they're really interesting to read.
Tia » i'm just blog hopping, reading your posts, they're really interesting to read.
Tia » i'm just blog hopping, reading your posts, they're really interesting to read.
kykies » BLOGHOP
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Bel » Tagged: http://www.belolats.com/2008/06/name-game.html
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gene » @laga[og] thank you. the dum-siq info will help us come up with an accurate expenses estimate.
lagal[og] » gene, the fast ferry fare dum-siq is 160php. the slower delta car ferry costs around 70php. terminal fee is 15pesos.
gene » hi, Paul. Happy new year to you. Hope you will resume your blogging. Miss reading stuffs from my old blogmates.
Paul » Hi! Just read your message in my tag board. Haven't been blogging lately. I'm glad to hear from old blogmates though. Happy New Year!
thecurse » oh sure... I'm bookmarking interesting blogs...
gene » hello,thecurse. hope you drop by again.
thecurse » hey hey! bloghopping lng po!
rudz » knock knock?!
Zobel » blog hop!
gene » hi, athens! hehe... ako man gani gatambay lng ko di kon kis-a para mamati sa playlist ko.
shawty » gene ga sige ko tambay sa imo blog i love your playlist.. especially kay pete yorn!