Entry: #2 Monday, January 02, 2017

Sometimes we get so lost in the noise of the world that you forgot what really matters to you. And I get lost in so many things that I thought determine or define my life... only to realize that after a while, those things don't even have a bearing on how I should live my life. And so what matters most? For me, at this point, is being happy and having good thoughts about everything. The past year, as I look back now, has been a struggle for me because at times, I couldn't deal with the differences in idealism, principles, and choices that my friends and family have had. I always thought I was pretty open-minded and understanding, that I can respect anyone's opinions and choices (that includes judging anyone based on their opinions and choices). But the elections happened -- from which I have learned I couldn't help but be disappointed with some of my friends' and family's choices in candidates and platforms (it sounds petty, I know). I found myself saying -- How could he/she choose that candidate? Why can't they hear or understand the words spewing from that candidate's mouth? It was a divisive year -- 2016, and I felt it was longer than any other years that passed. I was so looking forward for it to end, really... even if a lot of good things have happened to me last year (travel wise and all). I am just glad it is now over, and we have a whole new 365 (well, 363 days to be exact from today) days to fill with good stories, positive thoughts, kindness, and adventures. I thought I was writing something else... but this turned out to be some cliche looking back post. :)


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